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Learn the language of human connection. Practice and measure your interpersonal skills with Ath3na AI, our wisdom AI. Ath3na will guide you to meaningful connections, success, and fulfillment.

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Happiness + Fulfillment

Ath3na is your personal AI for wisdom, with the ability to measure subtle trends and progress in your skill development.
The fastest way to become your best self is with the help of compassionate peers. We'll connect you with people who share your interests and determination, so you can grow, collaborate, and belong.

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What skills will I learn in my Odyssey Group?

Confidence and Assertiveness, Navigating Conflict and Emotion Literacy, Self-Care and Self-Discipline, Leadership and Self-Management, Meaning and Purpose, Power Dynamics and Responsibility

What is our matchmaking process?

We do our best matchmake the group and facilitator based on skills, experience, and learning goals. You'll find your group relatable, with some key differences to make it interesting.

What are Ath3na Insights?

Athena Insights are individual opt-in measurements and trends for our members. Our metrics help our users deepen their self-awareness and wisdom. We use language parsing tactics to find meaning and insights in your spoken words.

How do we select metrics?

We're always improving in our daily lives, and Ath3na is designed for continual growth. We look for insights that will give you best advantages for authentic success in your personal and professional life.

I want to learn a skill apart from these, can you help me with that?

Definitely. Our facilitators make sure that you have everything you need to grow.

Become a better human

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Build better understanding of your feelings and how others see you

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Overcome self-doubt and become more confident
Find clarity in your ideas and communicate more assertively
Become more resilient to setbacks and adversity